Luxury is


Overproduction is one of the largest issues facing current fashion brands. By making the majority of our pieces when they are ordered, we embrace slow luxury fashion and remain true to our belief of making modern classics. We hope our pieces will become heirlooms you will want to pass on.

What Does it Mean to be

Ethical in Fashion?

At Jody Tjan, we are moving beyond being just a sustainable brand to bridge luxury fashion with ethical practices. We are focused on paying fair wages to artisans and using fine fabrics with refined sewing details. We are also dedicated to eliminating overproduction by making small, seasonless capsule collections that are made-to-order, and maintaining a quality over quantity mentality. 

Isn't it Time to

Include Every Body

Women are tired of not being represented by the brands they wear. At Jody Tjan, inclusivity is one of our top priorities. Our collections are made by women for women.

Reduce waste and reuse our


We pack and ship each order in a reusable tote made right here in our NYC studio. Perfect for taking to the park for a picnic or grocery shopping. It's just one more small way we eliminate excess plastic.

What Does it Mean To Create From

Luxe Materials?

We work with European mills to use recycled cashmeres and finely woven cotton shirting fabrics. Using luxe materials eliminates issues like see-through cotton and fabric breakage. We also work with a high-end tannery to make buttery Nappa leather with a finished back. In addition, Grade A cashmere yarn from the top Italian yarn suppliers is all we use in our sweaters.

Made at our Studio in the Heart of

The New York Garment District

We are dedicated to creating jobs in our hometown. We work with local vendors and artisans in the heart of NYC. 

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