What Does it Mean To Create From

Luxe Materials?

At Jody Tjan, we know quality fiber and fabrics are the key to luxury garments. We work with the highest quality fibers, from double-faced cashmere to finely woven cotton shirting, and dense satin crepe from European mills. The buttery Nappa leather with a finished back for the collections are from a high-end tannery. In addition, all our sweaters are hand-knit with Grade A, cashmere yarn from the top yarn suppliers.

Luxury in

Advance Ordering

In order for us to eliminate overproduction and deadstock, we encourage a quality over quantity mentality. We make the majority of our pieces when they are ordered.  We offer advance orders so you have time to think about your purchase when you are curating elevated essentials for your wardrobe.

What Does it Mean to be

Ethical in Fashion?

At Jody Tjan, we pay our vendors and artisans fair wages. As such, we do not encourage our customers to buy what do not need or want. It is why we make the clothes when you order them. If you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a lifetime credit.

Designed in NYC With

Partnership Manufacturing

All of our designs are crafted and engineer in our NYC atelier. We look for partnerships with our suppliers and manufacturing facilities who can do the the quality of work we need and in small batches. 

Reduce waste and reuse our


To reduce the use of plastic, we engineered this trifold tote with a waterproof coating. We made this reusable tote made right here in our NYC atelier. Perfect for taking to the park for a picnic or grocery shopping. Free with purchase.