Apr 16, 2019

Conscious Consumption: Curating a Capsule Wardrobe

A woman with a great sense of style isn’t into compulsive buying when she shops. She is a wardrobe curator and has a uniform with a capsule of style staples. The true luxury of fashion isn’t about buying for the sake of owning stuff. The true luxury of fashion is about having the ability to buy clothes you love that suit your taste and lifestyle. It is about having ownership of your uniform without looking stale and boring. A woman in vogue knows how to embrace trends to enhance and accent her personal style. Whether she works with a stylist or personal shopper- she knows the impression she wants her look to convey. There are a few things to keep in mind when we talk about curating a capsule wardrobe with conscious consumption.

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What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is made of the few but key pieces that are the foundation of your uniform. Here is a breakdown of items to have in a capsule collection.

  • Go with neutral colors for investment pieces
  • Tops- this is the item that gets the most notice. It’s just where the line of vision goes when we are talking to someone. I usually have at least three tops to go with one bottom.
    • Blouse
    • Basic t-shirt
    • Button-up shirt
  • Sweaters- these make a great layering piece for when it’s cold.
  • Blazers/Jackets- this is the finishing piece that ties an outfit together
    • Tailored blazer
    • Leather jacket
  • Pants- bottoms do not get as much attention as tops. I think for every one bottom you can have three tops or two sweaters.
    • Jeans- Find the fit that works for you and not just what’s on trend.
      • High waisted, mid waist or low cut- determine if you’re long-waisted, regular or short-waisted
      • Skinny, tapered cigarette, straight, bootleg, flared bell bottoms- find the fit that flatters your body
    • Crop pants- two sophisticated lengths for elevated classics are:
      • Cigarette pants- calf length
      • Ankle pants- just above the ankles
    • Pants

      • Skirts
          • Knee length
          • Midi or tea length- calf length
        • Shorts
            • Hot pants- 1-2” below the crotch
            • Jamaicas- mid-thigh
            • Bermudas- almost knee length
            • Culottes-  knee length
        • Coats- this is the most important statement piece to tie your look together for winter
          • Down coat- this is a great coat for warmth
          • Leather coat
          • Heavy trench
          • Pop of color coat
          • Fur Coat
          • Shearling coat
        • Dresses
        • Jumpsuit- you either love it or you hate it. When it’s done right it is the height of easy elegance. This isn’t for everyone but if it suits you, go for it.

        Curating For The Seasons

        The essence of minimal dressing is having a uniform. It’s a formula that you create for yourself with the styles you curate in your wardrobe.  As such you should have a Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection in your closet that is easy to swap in and out effortlessly. If swapping is difficult you haven’t narrowed down your assortment enough.

        You need to invest in only the most key style staples to create your uniform. Having a set number of versatile pieces for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter will make it less daunting to get dressed in the morning while also conveying the message of self-care and looking/feeling like a million bucks. Having a clear definition of your style will allow you to spend more wisely when it comes to trends. You can then be free to accessorize your uniform with fun, of-the-moment pieces.

        Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

        Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

        The key to having a curated wardrobe is buying fewer, higher quality styles that will last over time. It should not be full of trends or things you don’t wear because it does not fit into the aesthetic of your uniform. This is why developing and owning your personal style is important. Read more on that here.

        Pick your basic color palette for your must-haves and then accent it with colors that flatter you instead of colors that are on trend. Not everyone can wear mustard yellow or mint green and that’s fine! Choose what works best for you.

        Curating a wardrobe is about conscious consumption and finding a uniform to reflect your style. Starting with a mood board or Pinterest lookbook will help you in curating and establishing your uniform.

        Do you already swear by a capsule wardrobe? We’d love to hear how this style of closet curation works for you. Leave us a note in the comment section below!


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