Nov 13, 2019

Dress Shirts

The classic button-down shirt. What was once the staple of a well dressed man has evolved to the staple of a well dressed woman. A button down shirt has made itself to be a sign of sexual equality in fashion in a very matter- of- fact, quiet way.  As a layering piece or stand alone, there is versatility for women to exude androgynous chic without losing out on femininity. From being a shirt borrowed from a husband's closet from the 60's (before the term "boyfriend shirt" even existed) to the safari look when the pockets were put over the chest... there is nothing that gives an outfit more of an elevated essence than a good dress shirt. It is one of the most versatile style in any woman's wardrobe. 

From the time of the silver screen when movie stars wore the classic button-down shirts and brought it to the forefront of fashion. From Lauren Bacall wearing it on the set of Key Largo, to Grace Kelly wearing it on the set of Mogambo, to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's; the button down shirt can be worn by women of all ages and body types. We have see the classic white button down shirt on the like of Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, Tina Turner, Jane Fonda, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy to recent young ingenues like Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart, Hailey Bieber and Zendaya. 

The classic button-down shirt is a versatile style staple which can be worn many ways depending on your style and body type. The four most common ways are: tucked inside your waistband; half tucked in the front or back waistband depending on your preference (mostly popular in recent years); completely untucked for casual style;and lastly, belted with your choice of a belt or scarf. However you choose to style the classic dress shirt, you can create your own unique signature look with this timeless style staple. 

When it comes to the world of button downs, there are four key style options that are timeless classics: oxford, popover, boyfriend, and utility styles. While there may be other hybrids of these styles, the most common button down shirt fall under these four style types. With fashion, these are styles all interpreted differently by every designer. I’ll try to design with a very broad brush when I create the dress shirt in my collections.

As part of our capsule collections, designed for wardrobe curation, we love button-down shirts. We’ve designed and crafted three styles to suit your personal style and body type. In our Collection Two we introduced the Lucent Blouse in a lightweight Swiss Voile fabric with Swarovski crystal buttons. We made out Lucent blouse in a pullover style with a slightly boxy shape to accommodate more body types. Worn over a lace or nude camisole with your favorite pencil skirt or cigarette pants for the office during the warmer months. Add your favorite cardigan or blazer for when the weather cools down a bit. It is a great essential style for your wardrobe. The versatility of wearing from the office to all the oyster happy hour after work. For our Collection Three, we design and crafted the Russo Blouse in a Chantilly lace with an all over motif that looks like tattoo skin. This lace shirt has a small lingerie seaming details that run along the curves of a woman’s body. This is a great layering style under a blazer or with our new Vicki Slip Dress. Lastly, we have our Dunaway Blouse with a built in chantilly lace camisole under crisp Swiss voile, a great stand alone blouse that gets noticed. We created our shirts to accommodate different body types.

What button down shirt suit your style and how do you put your personal touch to suit your style?



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