Jun 12, 2019

Tailoring Your Wardrobe to Fit You

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Are you tired of having nothing to wear with a wardrobe full of clothes? Does nothing fit like you thought it did when you bought it? Does dressing to go out feel like a chore more than an extension of your beautiful self? Most of us have a closet full of clothes that we want to wear but don’t because the fit is off. This dilemma is easily fixed by finding a great tailor. We aren’t talking about your local dry cleaner who does alterations, but a true tailor who understands the proper construction of garments  If there isn’t someone like this where you live, finding someone who can handle basic alterations will still help. Instead of buying something new, have them do the small fixes needed to make an item wearable. We’re all about quality over quantity here at Jody Tjan and if you can fix an item you already own instead of purchasing more, you should definitely try that first.


If you buy from designer brands, you can often get your purchase altered or have it restyled for you. Have you ever noticed a celebrity wearing a piece very similar to what you see on the runway or in the designer’s collection? These are often items made for the celebrity and while this is a nice perk, most people do not have this luxury. If you have a great style staple that you’ve invested money in purchasing, why not get it tailored perfectly and wear it. It is a much more worthwhile and cost-effective way to maximize your wardrobe, rather than spending time, effort, and money hunting down and purchasing something similar that might not be as high quality as the style you already own.


Having a tailor do simple alterations like lengthening or shortening the hemline or inseam of your bottoms will instantly transform the look and feel of the garment.  While most know this is standard for bottoms, did you know you can also have your tops loosened or taken in? Most high-quality garments have enough seam allowance for your tailor to loosen your garment up to a full size in width and to lengthen the inseam by at least 1 inch.

Tailoring BlogHaving your wardrobe tailored shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but a smart investment in your personal style. Finding a good tailor means you can have your clothes crafted to fit you and your personal style perfectly. While the usual thought is just having pants hemmed or taken in at the waist, proper tailoring can be so much more. Having a skilled tailor often means you can adjust necklines, refit sleeves, or add small design details to personalize the style as your own. We’ve talked about personal style previously and dressing for your body silhouette. A good tailor will also know how to alter your clothes to fit your body as well as add in details to the garment to make it perfect.


It makes very little sense to spend money on clothes without considering that you can have them tailored to fit you. It doesn’t matter if you spent $100 or $1000 on a dress. If it doesn’t fit how you want, you won’t wear it and it becomes a wasted purchase. Nothing is sadder in fashion than an outfit that is ill-fitting when good tailoring will make you look like a million bucks. Spending a little bit of extra money on a good tailor can make your purchase become a staple item in your wardrobe. You will start to love the items you already own again and you might just actually wear them! Decide what pieces in your closet are worthwhile to keep and what can go. Then take your favorites to a skilled tailor. It will be as if you’ve got an entirely new wardrobe but you didn’t purchase anything. This is a great way to practice sustainability.


Most people are stuck with the thought that what they buy should come exactly the way they need to wear it. It’s a shame that Ready-To-Wear is taken so literally when you are curating a personal wardrobe. Often people think they are a specific size so they buy into that size and think they are done. The thought of buying something a size up and having it taken in or altered isn’t a common practice with fashion these days. It’s one of the main reasons why most of us have a closet full of clothes but still claim we have nothing to wear. It’s also why people stress when sizes across brands aren’t consistent. We need to get out of the mind frame that size is universal. Women do not have a universal body type, why would we expect sizing to be? There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a different size and having it tailored to fit your body.

Stealth Dress

Our collection is between Ready to Wear and customizable fashion.  For example, the Stealth Dress is adjustable with the lacing details for you to loosen or tighten to your body, allowing you to customize the fit. The Coquette Dress has a cinching waist tie and adjustable halter tie at the neck. Other styles are made for easy tailoring like our Lucent Blouse and Elemental Dress with minimal seams.

How often do you take pieces to the tailor? Have we given you a whole new outlook on your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!


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