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Long gone are the days of corsets and bustles for women’s unmentionables even if Madonna has made it fashionable as outerwear. In the realm of luxury fashion, underpinnings can be a real issue- most women are anti-VPL (visible panty lines). With the weather heating up for the summer- underpinnings and other “invisible” unmentionables for women is a real struggle when you want to wear something more exposed without actually being exposed.

There is nothing that will make an expensive outfit look cheap like wearing the wrong undergarments. There is a lot of confusion between lingerie and undergarments. They serve two very different purposes- one is for the boudoir and the other is for support and shape. However, neither are meant to be seen by the general public. First, let’s address the one for support and control so you can present your best self every day.

Lucent Blouse

Let’s start with getting a bra properly fit so you know you have the right size. When it comes to bras, it’s shocking to hear how many women have never had a bra fitting or have had only a bra fitting once in their adult life. This is really a huge mistake if you spend money on luxury fashion. Let me just say, your bra size will change often through the course of your life. You will not be the same bra size forever. Going to bra fittings should be like getting an annual checkup at the doctor. If you have a proper bra fitting, the person fitting you will give you a few bras from various brands to make sure you find the best bra shape to accommodate the size of your breasts. Not all brands fit the same and you will always need to try it on before buying. Like what you wear on the outside, to wear an underwire bra or not is a personal choice just like having the bra padded, lightly lined or unlined. The key is having the bra become an invisible support that enhances the rest of your outfit. Here are some key bras all women should have in their wardrobe.

  • Strapless
  • Front-Clasp Convertible or Racerback
  • Plunge Front, Low back
  • Design Your Own Strap
  • Adhesive- a quick search resulted in finding the solution in Spirit gum remover can do the trick for removal
  • Camisole Hybrid

Here are some of the main struggles when it comes to bra fitting.

  • Finding the perfect nude to wear under white, especially if it’s sheer white
    • To get the perfect “nude” bra- you have to do a little research for brands that make “nude” bra collections. There are more there nowadays with lingerie brands being aware of the diversity of skin tones.
  • The strapless bra that stays put without the silicone to give you welts upon removal? I normally turn it inside out and it seems to solve that issue even if I have to pull up the bra a few times throughout the day. At least I feel supported.
  • What to wear with a slip dress if you’re large breasted? Usually, a strapless bra will do unless you are wearing our Stealth Dress which is designed with a built-in bra/support system.
  • How to prevent nippleitis under a thin top? A lightly padded pad or nipple adhesive will solve this problem

Stealth Dress

While most women can see the benefits of a bra fitting and getting the right bra, the same cannot always be said for properly fitting panties. Women must understand that not all butts are created equal. Investing in panties that aren’t lingerie sets is not only sanitary but will make your butt look better than going to the gym. Here are all the panties you will need to firm up your butt and avoid the dreaded VPL.

  • Brief
    • Classic
    • High Cut
    • Control Top
  • Hipster
  • Bikini
  • Boyshorts
  • Cheeky
  • Tanga
  • Thong
  • G-string
  • Control undergarments

Whether you are wearing lingerie as outerwear or functional underwear for support and smoothing, the most critical element is fit. Investing time to find your perfect bra for each stage of life is very important as is finding brands that are high-quality and built for your shape. Are you someone who gets regular bra fittings? What are some of your favorite go-to brands? Share your top picks in the comments below!

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